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How to Organize your Laundry Room

laundry 3Organizing your laundry room largely depends on how much space you have and whether you have cupboards or shelving to work with.

    • You may either want to buy a mobile station with baskets to store your products or you may want to place shelving on the wall.
    • Some people with very limited space, such as a cupboard laundry in an apartments, may decide to use an over the door shoe Organizer or rack.
    • Another functional idea would be to place your washing machine and dryer on top of a pedestal with drawer or shelving space. This lifts the appliances to eye level, while providing great storage for all of your laundry needs.
    • Sort your cleaning products into like items. Such as “Window Cleaners; Anti-bacterial Cleaners; Polishes; Oven Cleaners etc.
    • Once you have sorted them into their categories, you may want to place them in containers and label these containers.
    • The benefits to doing this is: –
    • It allows one to immediately see if you are running out of a product;
    • it keeps like items together;
    • it allows you to bring down a container from a high shelf and search, and not stretch for an extended period searching for the right product.
    • Issue each bedroom with their own laundry basket, so that each responsible family member is responsible for their own laundry.
    • Some people may however, prefer a laundry sorting station. With  baskets for the different washing item needs.
    • Laundry baskets such as: Whites; Colors; Dedicates; Towels; etc. These baskets can also be hung on shelving along the walls with labels or placed in a mobile station.

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