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Organizing your Garage

Did you know that 25% of American Households, that have two car garages, are unable to park their car in the garage due to their clutter. That means that only 3 out of 4 families, with double garages, actually use their garage for the intended purpose. So if your car is currently sleeping outside, then …

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How to Organize your Vehicle

For some people, organizing their car may seem as difficult as organizing a home or an office, as they deal with the same organizational issues whether the space is large or small. The First dilemma that comes to mind is, where do you begin when organizing your car. Followed by how you will tackle the problem and finally how …

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Ten Simple Steps to Organizing your Kitchen

We all know the saying that “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth” ….Well the same can also be said about a disorganized kitchen. To be able to plan, prepare and present a good meal to your loved ones, the kitchen organization is far too often over-looked as one of the key factors that allow this to …

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General Organizational Tips: How to Get Started

Step 1: Visualize your Space in Advance Stand back and look at the room you wish to declutter and transform. Ask yourself the following questions: In an ideal world, what would this room look like? What purpose would this room serve? Once you have answered those questions and have a specific picture in your mind. …

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How to Maintain an Organized Home

There are three aspects I always tackle when working with a client: Minimizing: The very first step is always sorting LIKE items together and then going through that pile of like items and cutting down on the clutter that my client may have accumulated over the years. I urge him/her to eliminate the unused, broken, …

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How to Organize Your Paperwork

Temporary Baskets for paperwork: Basket (1) – TO DO Basket (2) – TO FILE Basket (3) – TO PAY Basket (4) – TO READ Filing must become a habit. Make a specific time once a week to file things away that are in your Temporary Basket. If not, before you know it, you are sitting …

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How to Organize your Laundry Room

Organizing your laundry room largely depends on how much space you have and whether you have cupboards or shelving to work with. LAUNDRY ROOM WITHOUT CUPBOARDS: You may either want to buy a mobile station with baskets to store your products or you may want to place shelving on the wall. Some people with very limited …

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How to Organize your ADHD Child

If you have a child diagnosed with ADHD you are probably at your wits end, when it comes to dealing with all the regular frustrations that one deals with when raising a child with these challenges. An ADHD child requires a great level of organization, parental involvement and structure. Here are some practical ways that …

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How to De-Clutter a Closet Quickly?

1. Try to discard first: Make quick decisions by discarding the ugly, unused, out-of-fashion, don’t fit or broken. Tip: If you are unsure of what needs discarding, Place all your clothing on the hanger facing the wrong direction. When you wear the clothing, place the hanger the correct way. Within 6 months, it will be …

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