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United States

Bio: I was born and raised in South Africa and chose a career path as an elementary school teacher to children ages 6 to 8 years of age. I immigrated to California in 2005. Shortly thereafter, I published a book for young girls called "The Little Woman Handbook” which combines both my love for children and writing together. I am highly organized and thrive on the feeling of peace that I get when restoring order to a disorganized area. It is that very same drive and passion that I have for organizing that prompted me to become a professional organizer and owner of chaos 2 organized, in Fresno CA. I have such a heart for people that struggle both emotionally and physically and therefore feel blessed to be able to use my God given gifts to help others to restore their space from Chaos 2 Organized. Maybe you enjoy my style of writing, which can be somewhat tongue-in-cheek at times, or maybe you like receiving organizing tips which help you in your home or perhaps you feel that you can empathize and relate to my writing. Whatever your reason is, I would like to encourage you to click on the follow button on my blog and receive regular updated material. I appreciate my followers and encourage you to also use the links on my blog and to go ahead and like Chaos 2 Organized on Face book etc. Thank you and happy organizing.

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