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Addicted to Shopping

Shopping Addiction

A shopping addiction is like any other addiction that may surface, whether it is gambling, alcoholism, drugs, or even food addiction. One’s reasons for becoming a shopaholic, are also very similar to what drives an alcoholic to drink or a drug addict to take that extra hit. They all provide a rush or a high which is released through Endorphin’s that temporarily  block any feelings of inadequacy, depression, anger, poor coping skills, loneliness or pain. Notice the word temporary is used to describe that feeling behind an addiction. This feeling is then followed by a swift downer leaving the person back in that state they were prior to the moment. In order to capture that Adrenaline rush again, they are forced to repeat the action. This repetitive action results in an addiction.

Whether you are a shopaholic or you just enjoy shopping a lot, there are some things that you need to be aware of before making that next purchase. In my mind, there are three types of shoppers: The emotional shopper, the practical shopper and the frugal shopper. The addict will almost always fall into all three categories and have no discretion whatsoever.

The Emotional Shopper:

Is someone who loves to purchase objects that have low function but are highly sentimental. Their purchase is almost always described as something that they saw which was cute, pretty, fell in love with it, part of a collection, and had to have it.

The Practical Shopper:

The items this shopper  purchases has high function but low sentimental value. Words often used to describe their purchase are – I wanted it, it’s useful, I need it, and it is such a practical object (whether they will ever use it themselves, is irrelevant at this point.)

The Frugal Shopper:

This shopper can be a combination of both of the above as they do not discriminate between  an emotional or practical purchase, provided they are purchasing a deal. They would describe their purchases as cheap, deal, discounted, on sale, or they had a coupon.

Each one of these shoppers does have some commonalities whether they are occasionally compulsive or a shopaholic:

  • Over purchasing results in too much household clutter
  • Debt can also be a result of overspending
  • Family members get lied to and relationships can be harmed
  • Cluttered homes become uncomfortable for the person(s) not doing the spending
  • A lot of really impractical purchases that are never used

If your shopping habit has gotten to the point that the welfare of the family is at risk then you most probably have an addiction and this needs to be addressed like any alcohol abuser acknowledges that he is an alcoholic or a drug user acknowledges that he is a drug addict.

  • Acknowledge that you have a problem
  • Become accountable to a close family member or friend
  • Temptation will surround you at all times
  • Don’t give up if you fall off the wagon
  • Seek spiritual support and prayer if you are a religious person.

Finally, don’t be ashamed to call a Professional Organizer, like myself. I can help recoup some of your expenses and help make your home more functional if necessary. About 90% of the homes that I enter are as a result of too much purchasing and too little purging, which results in too much clutter. Please feel free to contact Chaos 2 Organized as I am now operating nationally and am able to assist you by  telephonic Professional Organizing assistance.

Telephonic Appointment Includes PDF Formatted:
  • Task Breakdown Worksheet
  • Long & Short Term Goal Planner
  • Techniques such as BECALM & 3 E’S
  • Ways to remove your clutter
  • Useful Organizing Products
  •  54 Page Handbook : “A Quick Guide from Chaos 2 Organized.”

For further information regarding both in-home and telephonic Professional Organizing, please refer to my  Chaos 2 Organized Website



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