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Parenting: Teaching your Child to Organize their Room

As parents we have the responsibility of taking care of our child’s emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental development. Helping your child to keep his or her room organized and neat is vital for their physical safety as well as their emotional sense of well-being and also contributes towards a healthy mental state. Step 1: Eliminate: …

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Spring has Sprung and Organizing has Begun

When spring arrives, then so does the familiar feeling of suddenly cleaning and getting organized. Here are just a few steps to help you plan for when the mood sets in. Clean Room by Room: Always start with your high priority projects first and then work your way to the lowest priority rooms. It is …

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How much value does your valuables hold

In my line of work, as a Professional Organizer, I get to witness firsthand the deepest lows in people’s lives and have the privilege of seeing their greatest highs also. When I get that initial phone call from a new client it is usually triggered by an acceptance of the fact that they cannot live …

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Time…Slips through my Hands

If at times you feel like a hamster on a treadmill always on the go but nothing to show for it. Your time feels like a perpetual cycle of events to you. Nothing exciting ever takes place and there is not enough personal time for you! Chances are, you probably need help organizing your time to prevent time …

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Ten Simple Steps to Organizing your Kitchen

We all know the saying that “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth” ….Well the same can also be said about a disorganized kitchen. To be able to plan, prepare and present a good meal to your loved ones, the kitchen organization is far too often over-looked as one of the key factors that allow this to …

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How to Maintain an Organized Home

There are three aspects I always tackle when working with a client: Minimizing: The very first step is always sorting LIKE items together and then going through that pile of like items and cutting down on the clutter that my client may have accumulated over the years. I urge him/her to eliminate the unused, broken, …

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How to Organize Your Paperwork

Temporary Baskets for paperwork: Basket (1) – TO DO Basket (2) – TO FILE Basket (3) – TO PAY Basket (4) – TO READ Filing must become a habit. Make a specific time once a week to file things away that are in your Temporary Basket. If not, before you know it, you are sitting …

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A Spoonful of Sugar Doesn’t Work for my Teen Anymore

We can all sing along with delight as we hear the first few chords of “Just a Spoonful of Sugar.” This too, along with the mysterious air of Mary Poppins, captivates and enthrall Jane and Michael Banks. While our children are still young, it does seem possible to entice them with the idea that there …

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Home is where the heart is.

It has been said that, “home is where the heart is.” But if that were truly the case, then a lot of our homes would be requiring a heart transplant. Maybe it was a discrepancy at work, or a falling out with a dear friend, or even the overwhelming financial struggles that have their fingers …

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