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My Favorite Things For Small Spaces

CT0604140l_1_lMost clients that approach me complain that they do not have enough space in their homes to accommodate their items. But did you know that it has been reported that the average American home size has tripled in the last 50 years. So size is not altogether to blame for a cramped living space. Rather consider the following two questions and how they pertain to you.

  1. What can I do about Minimizing the amount of stuff I have?

    • The average American Household has on average 300 000 items.
    • 93% of American teen girls stated that shopping was their favorite hobby.
    • The average American woman owns upwards of 30 outfits in her closet.
    • The number of children in America make up only 3.1% of the world’s population of children, yet American children own 40% of the toys consumed throughout the world.
    • 25% of average American families with two car garages do not have any space to park their cars.
  2. How can I maximize the space that I have to work with?

    • Is the layout of my furniture placed in the most functional manner allowing good flow throughout the room?
    • What is the best layout for the room?
    • What organizing equipment do I have or need to best utilize even the smallest of rooms creating a functional environment in which I can operate?

With all that being said, I have created a list of some of my favorite things for small spaces. I find these items are hugely functional and take up minimum space utilizing even the smallest nook in a room. I have not ranked these items according to importance, but rather focused on one room at a time. 

3Small Laundry Room –

If your laundry room is hidden away in a cupboard or a very small space in the house  and you are the kind of person that likes to remove you clothes immediately from the dryer and iron and hang them up. Then these two items are a must for you:

  1. Over the door ironing board which flips down when you need it.
  2. Retractable Clothing hanger holder attached by a bracket to the inside of your cupboard or laundry wall and easily pulls out allowing you to hang multiple items of clothing on hangers.

Small Bathroom –2

Some bathrooms are so cramped that your only space for bathroom items, may be a small upper cabinet, which holds very little. Anyone of the following two items will add a tremendous relief to this problem.

  1. Shower curtain pocket organizer acts like a hanging shoe organizer only you store bathroom items in those pockets.
  2. Around the toilet bathroom cabinetry which is another fabulous ways of working around the toilet and maximizing your vertical space.

Small Kitchen –

Some kitchens can be very functional and others can have such a limited amount 8of space that you are left scratching your head as to how you are going to find place for even the basics such as plates and pots and pans. If you fall in the latter group, then these items may be essential for your kitchen.

  1. Cabinet shelf organizer for plates allows you to stack your dinner plates and side plates on top of each other utilizing the full height of the cupboard.
  2. Pot and lid organizing rack take up far less space if you are unable to nest your pots due to limited height  in your cupboard.  There is also an organizing rack for pans as well.
  3. Expandable kitchen drawer cutlery organizer expands to the size of your drawers utilizing the space properly as well as preventing movement in your drawers when opened and closed.

Small Bedroom Closet –

If your closet is filled to capacity and you are unable to find what you are looking for, then these two closet items may make a difference in how your closet functions.

  1. Space saving scarf, belt and tie hanger organizing rack is a great way of grouping all your accessories together. You are able to  utilize a smaller portion of the closet and find the item you require a lot quicker.
  2. Ultra thin non slip hangers keep your closet uniformed in height, skinny hangers for more compact hanging and velvet covered for non slip benefit.

Space is the number one issue I am confronted with as a Professional Organizer so please share this article even if you felt it did not apply to you.


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