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Spring has Sprung and Organizing has Begun

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When spring arrives, then so does the familiar feeling of suddenly cleaning and getting organized. Here are just a few steps to help you plan for when the mood sets in.

Clean Room by Room:

Always start with your high priority projects first and then work your way to the lowest priority rooms. It is important to establish a function for every room otherwise it will just end up becoming a dumping ground for items that do not yet have a “home”.

Clean from Top to Bottom:

Spring is the time to give your home a good “Deep Clean.” You accomplish this by always working from the top down. So start off with the ceiling, the ceiling fixtures, vents and ceiling molding. Then wipe, dust, polish, wash and dry clean everything at eye level down and end with the floors by sweeping, vacuuming and mopping or polishing.

Minimize your items and furniture:

Anything old, broken, or ugly should be tossed or recycled and anything unused should be given away or sold at a yard sale or online.

Maximize your Space:

Stand back and view the room and ask yourself whether the traffic flows easily enough or whether some furniture or items need to be relocated to another part of the house.

Maintain all Year round:

Items remaining in that room should be placed in labeled bins, totes, baskets, and drawer or shelf organizers. This will help define a “home” for every item, helping you in future to keep like items together and not scattered all over the place.

Download the free link:

Spring Cleaning & Organizing Chart


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  1. George

    Excellent advice and it works really well when followed!


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