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How to Organize your Vehicle

carFor some people, organizing their car may seem as difficult as organizing a home or an office, as they deal with the same organizational issues whether the space is large or small. The First dilemma that comes to mind is, where do you begin when organizing your car. Followed by how you will tackle the problem and finally how could you manage to keep up the organization within your vehicle once you get it organized.

Before you do anything to organize the interior of the car, you need to begin with a thorough de-cluttering of your vehicle:

  • Sort everything you have in your car into two bags –  A trash bag and an item bag.
  • Now go through the item bag and sort out how much of your items actually belong in the car.
  • Just like with house organizing, you will now need to find a “home” for every item in the car.
  • Don’t forget to sort through and organize the storage areas in your car such as the cup holders; consoles; side door pockets; built-in ashtrays; and door handles.

Here are some organizational ideas to help keep up an organized vehicle: –

  • Consider how you want to contain your trash in the future. I like to hang a small bag over my Charge outlet in my car. Or you can use a cereal container (place a bag in it) and pin it down with Velcro to prevent it from sliding all over the show. If neither of these ideas suits you, then you can also buy a hanging trash container that hangs behind the head rest of the front seats.
  •  A food caddy is vital for holding your food while on the go. You can either make use of an arts and craft holder/caddy which you can buy at the dollar store or you can pick up a more expensive option at any retail store or online.

    Glove Compartment – The most basic things you need to remember to place in your Glove Compartment is proof of insurance; Car Registration; Car Owners Manual; Vehicle Maintenance Log; Mobile phone Charger; and Garage door opener, if you do not have it manually set to your car.

    Visor organization – All those little items that you want at a moment’s notice are easily placed in a visor organizer. Items such as pens; sunglasses; charger; Tissues; etc.

    Paper organizer – Consider purchasing a plastic paper folder with labeled  compartments for different documents that are left in the car. I would place this in the side door pocket.


    There are plenty of choices available when it comes to passenger seat organizing. You can choose a back seat hanging organizer or an organizing caddy placed between your children. Place a few age relevant items in this container and it will help keep your young one’s busy on those long road trips or even a trip to grandma’s.If you have young children and want to keep up a neat car, then you may consider a back seat organizer combined with a kick mat. This prevents them from marking the back of your chairs with their constant leg extensions in a trip.


    A grocery organizer is always nice to have in the trunk for those quick grocery purchases. Not only do they keep things upright and organized, they usually have insulation which keeps your groceries cool on a very hot day.If you have a very small trunk and battle to place all of your groceries in that small area, consider purchasing mini vehicle hangers. This allows you to store more groceries by hanging them from the back seat head rest. Now you can fit twice as many bags.Then finally you may want to invest in a small trunk organizer for in case of an emergency. This organizer may contain some first aid items; battery cables; flash light; ice scraper; Car sickness items; spare diapers etc.

A car that is neat and maintained on the inside will make driving long distances a lot less miserable and will give you a feeling of calm in spite of having to endure traffic. Enjoy your journey of organization.


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