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Ten Simple Steps to Organizing your Kitchen

kitchen cabinetsWe all know the saying that “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth” ….Well the same can also be said about a disorganized kitchen. To be able to plan, prepare and present a good meal to your loved ones, the kitchen organization is far too often over-looked as one of the key factors that allow this to happen. Here are some tips that will whip your kitchen into an inspirational space:

1.    Kitchen Work Triangle: Take note of the positioning of your fridge, sink, and oven. This is known as your Kitchen Work Triangle. Link these 3 work areas using an imaginary line. The efficiency of your kitchen depends on the proximity of these three items, allowing you to cut down on wasted steps. Now that you are aware of your Kitchen Work Triangle, it is worthwhile ensuring that you zone your designated cooking objects such as pots, pans, & bowls within this cooking and preparation area.

2.    Kitchen Tools: Remove all kitchen tools and group all like items together. Then while paying attention to your Kitchen Work Triangle, place each group of tools in an easy to reach drawer that will make your cooking area more efficient. In other words, store wooden spoons next to the stove for an easy reach from the stove area.

3.    Drawer Divisions: Equip each drawer with a drawer organizer which allows you to store all like items grouped in one partition. This will keep e.g. the bottle opener from getting lost among serving spoons etc. or whatever else you may have in that same drawer.

4.    Spice Racks: The biggest problem most of my clients struggle with, second to paperwork, is what to do about the large number of spices that they may have. First decide what storage option best suits you  – counter top, wall, upper cupboard, or drawer. Then browse through a website like Amazon and see the huge variety of items within that option. You will have many options  to choose from besides your traditional spice rack on the wall.

5.    Pot Lid Organizer: If you have limited space for your pots and pans, you may find it necessary, to place the pots inside each other instead of next to each other. This creates a problem for your pot lids, as they cannot be stored on top of each pot. Invest in a nice pot lid organizer attached to the inside of the cupboard where the pots are kept. If you have a shelf that cuts down on your inside door usage, then rather buy a rack that can lie next to your pots and have all your lids propped up like a dishwasher plate rack.

6.    Tupperware Lid Organizer:  Same as the Pot lid organizer. You can buy a device that can attach to the inside of your cupboard and have all of your lids grouped according to size. Or again you can store it in a rack inside your Tupperware cupboard (almost like a DVD rack lying down). Remember to group your containers together according to size as this will allow the containers to store a lot easier. If you store your Tupperware in a low cupboard, I would suggest storing it in a large basket or a large container. So that when you want to take out an item or place it back in the cupboard, you will not just throw it in because you are not in the mood to bend and sort. Instead remove the entire basket and sort out the Tupperware at counter level properly, before inserting the basket back in the cupboard.

7.    Declutter Counter Space: Try and limit the amount of items you have lying around the kitchen on the counter tops. A busy counter top not only appears cluttered and disorganized but also cuts down on valuable counter space. Try mounting your calendar, to do list, telephone etc. Also make use of pegs for potholders, dishtowels, and aprons. If you are handy, you could also attach a “swing-down cookbook rack” or a “retractable book stand” which looks like an easel that you can drop from the overhead cupboard and holds your recipe book securely at eye level for you to follow the recipe.

8.    Lazy Susan: I often work in kitchens that have what I like to call a “dead zone.” A corner unit in particular, has a large amount of space tucked away making it almost impossible to utilize that space. I like to place a large Lazy Susan or sometimes two, if there is an upper and a lower shelf, in this area. I am now able to maximize the space that is usually wasted in that “dead zone”.

9.    Basket Storage: Always gather up like items that do not have a place in a cupboard or in a drawer and store them in baskets placed neatly on an open shelf. These baskets look neat and when labeled they make it easy to find what you need.

10.  Shelf Organizers: Your average Target store holds a large array of different Shelf Organizers for your convenience. Ranging from Shelf Raisers for cans of food (which look like a set of stairs) to Shelf cubes, shelf inserts for separating different layers of dishes, or even under the shelf racks (which instantly gives you an extra shelf by clipping on to the fitted shelf above.) Remember to also make use of your valuable, under the sink, space by attaching an organizer to the door for bags or a rod to hang your spray bottles from.

Remember that these tips are merely guidelines to helping you become more organized in your kitchen. Allow for your personality and style to dictate what will work in your kitchen and how you will make use of it. No two kitchens, that I have worked in, have ever turned out the same. Yet they all end up functioning far more efficiently by implementing some of these ideas.View this Video on Pantry Organization

Happy Organizing!


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