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General Organizational Tips: How to Get Started

DSCN1430Step 1: Visualize your Space in Advance

Stand back and look at the room you wish to declutter and transform.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • In an ideal world, what would this room look like?
  • What purpose would this room serve?

Once you have answered those questions and have a specific picture in your mind. That is your goal and the direction you will be moving in.

Many times in this process, you are going to want to give up. Every time that happens, you are to reflect back on the vision you have for that room. The only thing standing in the way of this becoming a reality, would be you and your mindset.

Step 2: Planning for the Process

 *(3 M’s Approach:Grace Jasmine & Jennifer James: “ Fabjob  Guide to become a Professional Organizer”)

I always look at three areas while I am planning to organize a room or an office. I focus on what I need to do to Minimize the clutter and then how can I Maximize the space for the client and finally how can I coach her to Maintain the system I have put in place.

Room or Area:  e.g. Closet

How can I Minimize?

1.Place all your clothing items in Like piles.

2.Discard the clothes that no longer fit. (Goodwill)

3.Discard the out – of – fashion clothes.

4.Discard the clothes you no longer use.

5.Discard torn or blemished clothes. (Throw away)

How can I Maximize?

1.Stand back and view the space and re-evaluate where everything goes.

2.Place all like colors together.

3.Place everyday items at an easily accessible level. (Eye level)

4.Make use of vacuum bags for out of season or seldom used items.

5.Make use of the back of a closet door for hanging jewelry or scarves.

6.Use baskets on high levels for grouped items seldom used.

How can I Maintain?

1.Each item in your closet should now have a place to call home.

2.Remember to always return items back to their spot after using it for the day. If not, the area where you left it scattered will become a gathering place for all miscellaneous items not returned to their homes. (5-10 minutes a day).

3.Label any baskets and if possible, label the shelf where the basket belongs.

4.Commit to a routine. E.g. Do a load of washing Tuesday & Saturday.

Step 3: Set a Realistic Time Frame for this Project

Idioms and Sayings that support this theory

1.”Rome wasn’t built in a day” is an idiom attesting to the need for time to create great things.

2.“Little strokes fell great oaks”  basically means that limited strength, when persistently applied, can accomplish great feats.

3.“When eating an elephant take one bite at a time” implies that this whole process is one big overwhelming obstacle. Take your focus off of the big task ahead of you and rather focus on the short-term goals and celebrate each small victory.

E.g. Start to declutter one area of the room or the closet and stick with that area. Once finished, stand back and enjoy the order in that corner and then move on to the next part of that room. Each little victory will come together to form that vision that you had for that space in Step 1.

Step 4: Make Yourself Accountable to Someone you can Trust

Part of the process is gaining support from those around you. Inform a close friend or family member of your intentions.

1.This person must have a proven record of being somewhat organized themselves.

2.This confidant must be able to call you out for failing to follow through with your decision to declutter and organize your home.

3.This close friend will be your very own cheerleader, coming along side you and celebrating your small achievements.

4.This companion will be the one that sits next to you and holds you and listens to you while you sob because of the overwhelming feelings of despair that take over periodically.

5.This same person will be the one that will not hesitate to roll up their sleeves and lead by example when you feel the need to give up.

6.If you are unable to let someone close come along side you, then you must consider hiring a Professional Organizer to aid in this process.

Step 5: Begin Today

  • Dieters know all to well that the best time to start a diet is on Monday. Except that in most cases, Monday gets put off until next Monday.
  • There is always a reason or an inconvenience that stands in the way of getting organized.
  • Begin organizing your home: One corner at a time/one shelf at a time/one cupboard at a time – Over time you will have a fully organized room which will eventually result in a completely reorganized home.
  • If you begin today, then by Thanksgiving you are further than you are now and at Christmas you are that much further than you were at Thanksgiving.
  • If you do not start today, then you will be in the same place by the time Thanksgiving comes around and no further by Christmas.
  • Today is the day to make any organizational changes in your home whether big or small.


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