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How to De-Clutter a Closet Quickly?

FullSizeRender (2)1. Try to discard first: Make quick decisions by discarding the ugly, unused, out-of-fashion, don’t fit or broken.

Tip: If you are unsure of what needs discarding, Place all your clothing on the hanger facing the wrong direction. When you wear the clothing, place the hanger the correct way. Within 6 months, it will be easy to see which clothing remains unused, by all the hangers still facing the wrong way.

2. Group all like items together: Skirts, shoes, pants; belts etc.

Tip: When you hang your clothes up, you may want to again further separate like clothing into color and into long and short. So when you wash your clothing and need to hang up the item, you don’t have to go searching for the lost hanger. Instead if the item is a long-sleeved green blouse, you would look towards the blouses, specifically the long-sleeved green ones. There your hanger is.

  1. Pack everyday items in places that are easily accessible: Eye level is a good level for everyday things. Items used occasional should be stored higher up in the closet. If you are short on space, maybe keep all your coats in a hallway closet or use a vacuumed pack bag to store the out of season or rare occasion outfits. These vacuumed bags can easily be stored under the bed taking up less space.

Tip:  Keep a stepping stool or step-ladder in your closet for the times you do need to reach up to the higher level.

  1. Ensure that you package up all your donations: Don’t leave donations lying around; this can open you up to temptation causing you to revisit the bag and change your mind about certain items.

Tip: If you are cleaning out a few cupboards at one time and have an accumulated amount of donations, call the Veterans or Salvation Army etc. They pick up donations in less than a week.

  1. Make full use of all the space: If you have a double rod and do not fully use the lower rod, then hang items such as scarf hangers and jewelry organizers.

Tip: Don’t forget that you also have the back of the closet door which you can  use for over-the-door hooks or pockets.


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