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Tis the Season to be Busy ♫ ♫ ♫

FullSizeRenderChristmas shopping, parties to attend, gift wrapping and decorations, event planning and concerts, and family gatherings. And that’s not even your full-time employment. You may still have a job that has you clock in at 8 am and a hungry family that await your undivided attention when you get home.

You find yourself removing your business coat and kicking off your high heels, only to replace it with an apron and more comfortable shoes such as slippers. Flustered wisps of hair draping across the forehead are flicked away abruptly as you stand stirring a pot of food and assisting your youngest child rehearsing for her recital.

This Season of merriment and luster seems to have lost all its joy and gleam.  One of the most joyous and exciting times of the year, ends up being an endless hustle and bustle from one activity to the next.  Why has it become so?

Well ladies the truth is, that while we take on the responsibilities of Wonder woman, at some point or another, we need to face up to the fact that we  indeed are just human. We judge ourselves by such high standards that leave us doomed to live by those very standards. To constantly keep up the facade of having the perfect family, the perfect home, and the perfect life.

Now is the time to tell ourselves to get off the treadmill of BUSY and to put JOLLY  back into the season of Christmas. If Wonder woman is so busy making the world a better place, wouldn’t she too have a plan and pull all resources to make it happen? Of course she would. At some point we need to stop what is not working for us and take a stand and do something completely different. Call in the resources, network with your friends, and look to the professionals for advice and help. You may have a friend that delights in putting together parties or you may have to turn your attentions towards a party planner instead. Using every free moment in the evening to tidy up could be replaced by having a reliable and reasonably priced housekeeper that comes in weekly to aid you. That closet, room or paperwork that is hidden away from public view, for fear of the shame, that your facade of perfection is quite possibly tainted slightly by the fact that you are human. Could be sorted and organized for you by a Professional Organizer that could put together a system that would work for you and your family.

Why should you have to do it all and just tediously go through all the mind-numbing motions instead of delighting in the attraction and enchantment of Christmas? So this Christmas, give yourself a gift, the gift of letting go and handing over some responsibilities to others and allowing them to care for you and help you care for your home.


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